How can I receive God's precious gift of eternal life?


How can I be healed?


How can I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit?


How can I walk in divine health and healing?






Note:  The teachings on this website do not replace, rather complement our in-person classes and workshops.  

Much of the information in our classes is not featured on this website, and conversely, some of the information

on this site supplements what is taught in our classes. This is so that individuals who invest the time and effort to attend 

our presentations in person will be given priority to the information.  Thank you for your kind understanding. 



"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, 

that whoever believes in Him will not perish, 

but have everlasting life."                                               —  John 3:16


If there is ANY doubt whatsoever that you will be in heaven, simply say this from the bottom of your heart:

“Father God, forgive my sins.  Jesus, come into my heart.  Make me the kind of person YOU want me to be.

THANK YOU for saving me TODAY.”   Where is Jesus now?   If you can say, “He’s in my heart”,

CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a child of God!  To begin your new life in Christ, we encourage you to

read your Bible every day, talk to God in prayer daily, regularly attend a church that preaches about Christ 

and His love, and tell others about this most important decision you’ve made.  Let us know, too, by clicking 

on the  CONTACT US  link, and it would be our sincere pleasure and honor to let you know of additional

resources to help you as you embark on this most exciting journey.  Place your complete trust in Christ — 

He will never let you down!





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Esao, Cheryl and Brian Tada have been students of nutrition and wellness for nearly 30 years.  Our passion to help people achieve optimum wellness grew from our family's own experience with nutrition, including Cheryl who used to have hay fever, flu bouts one after the other, and crippling arthritis for which the doctors gave no hope, but now she is pain-free and allergy-free, has no more flu, and is leading a very active life, thanks to God's healing power and the effective food supplements and healthy diet she uses to maintain her healing.  

We have a burden to see people healed and walking in divine health, and have received training in ministering healing in the name of Jesus through Charles and Frances Hunter's ministry.  

Our family combines Biblically-based, practical teaching on both healing and health in our workshops and classes at various churches and organizations.   

This website features a sample of the material we teach. 

We attend Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, Calif. under the leadership of Senior Pastor Dick Bernal.





Much of the material on healing featured on this website (and in our classes and seminars) is from the Biblically-based teachings of Charles and Frances Hunter.  They have ministered in 49 nations and are authors of 57 books, including "How to Heal the Sick" (one of our class texts), which has been translated into many languages so that 85 percent of the world's population can read it in their native language.  The "Happy Hunters" continue to teach and train believers on how to heal the sick in the name of Jesus.  

On Oct. 2004 they held their Grand Finale Healing Explosion at the Houston Astrodome, with 10,000 healing team members ministering to the audience in the name of Jesus.  

In October 2006 they helped coordinate the first-ever National Day of Healing, and in Sept. 2007 they will help lead the first Worldwide Day of Healing.

On of Oct. 3, 2006, the Hunters' ministry reached an historic milestone with 1,000,222,373 (over one billion) documented salvations worldwide, many of whom were reached through a simple yet effective technique* to win people to Jesus which was taught to Frances by an angel.  Nearly 200,000 churches have been started worldwide to help disciple these new believers in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

*This salvation technique is explained on the News page, and a tini-tract download on a separate page is available on this site.