Why Healing and Health..... TOGETHER!



You may wonder why this website has information on both 

healing AND health topics.  "Wouldn't it be redundant?

you might ask.


And that is a valid question.  Let us begin by saying that

actually, they are quite different — they each serve

a specific, needed function!



Benny Hinn once said, “First the NATURAL, then the



The NATURAL deals with matters pertaining to your HEALTH,

such as God's natural way to optimum living through

proper nutrition, exercise, rest, pure water, and so forth.

This is taking proper care of the one unique body God 

gave you to live on this planet, to bring glory and honor to

Him (I Corinthians 6:19-20) and so that you can fully 

realize your special, God-given destiny — the special purpose

of why you are here on this earth (Jeremiah 29:11-13).


It is doing the right things to prevent disease — 

to keep from getting sick in the first place.


Indeed, God uses natural means for healing.  For 

example, Benny Hinn once mentioned about overcoming 

heart condition by use of a nutritional product.



The SUPERNATURAL is healing, in Jesus' name.  This pertains

to the MIRACULOUS.  We could be healed instantaneously,

or be healed gradually.  Remember that God is sovereign, and

He will heal in His way and in His timing.   The Supernatural is

God doing an awesome work of restoration.   


Indeed, it is MUCH BETTER to PREVENT sickness and be in

health (3 John 2) rather than to have to be healed from

sickness and be restored to health, in which case it may

be a long and costly process.  PREVENTION is truly worth

a "ton" of cure!


One of the MAIN OBJECTIVES of this website is to learn 

how to APPLY valuable wellness principles so that you can

PREVENT SICKNESS, or if healing is needed, you can 

get healed, then KEEP your healing. 


A Christian doctor said a lot of people wouldn’t have to 

wait in line for healing, if they would simply stop going back 

to their old habits such as eating junk food.  While lined 

up outside a building, waiting to file into the service, 

he saw saints of God munching on hot dogs, chugging

soda pop and eating candy and french fries, and said it is NO

WONDER the body of Christ is literally SICK.  Frankly, they’re

asking for TROUBLE! 


So it is CRUCIAL we know how to care for our health.  

Then we won’t have to stand in the healing line time and time

again.   Just think of the time and heartache that we would



This website contains valuable information which will show 

how you can apply simple, yet very effective and PROVEN

techniques to build your health so you can serve God in an 

ever-increasing GREATER CAPACITY for His glory.

This diagram shows why it is so much better not to be sick in the




Why should we study about wellness and nutrition and how to

take care of our health?   It is because God wants and expects

us to DO OUR PART, then He will do His part.   Remember that 

as part of His precious creation, God wants you well!


2 Timothy 2:15 in the Amplified Bible says: “Study and be eager

and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested

by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly

analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully

teaching] the Word of Truth.” 


Hosea 4:6 says we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

What we don't know can hurt us, especially if we don't have

knowledge of how to apply God's healing and wellness principles

to our everyday living as found in His Word, the Bible.


It is therefore imperative that we learn all we can about healing

and health, God's way, so that we won't die before our time,

but thrive and fulfill the special and unique destiny God has 

given to each of us who call upon His name.  Hallelujah!


As you browse the pages of this website, here are some 

objectives to keep in mind:


1.) What are ways I can practically incorporate these

principles each day?


2.) What are the truths God is showing me by His precious 

Holy Spirit as I study His Word and His concepts of healing 

and health? 


3.) How can I share these concepts with others?



God bless you as you embark on an exciting journey —

Healing and Health, God's way!



— The Tada family



P.S.:  If you have any questions about the concepts presented on this site, please feel free to use the handy "CONTACT US" form, or e-mail us at:  info@healingandhealth.org





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Note:  The teachings on this website do not replace, rather complement our in-person classes and workshops.  

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"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, 

that whoever believes in Him will not perish, 

but have everlasting life."                                               —  John 3:16


If there is ANY doubt whatsoever that you will be in heaven, simply say this from the bottom of your heart:

“Father God, forgive my sins.  Jesus, come into my heart.  Make me the kind of person YOU want me to be.

THANK YOU for saving me TODAY.”   Where is Jesus now?   If you can say, “He’s in my heart”,

CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a child of God!  To begin your new life in Christ, we encourage you to

read your Bible every day, talk to God in prayer daily, regularly attend a church that preaches about Christ 

and His love, and tell others about this most important decision you’ve made.  Let us know, too, by clicking 

on the  CONTACT US  link, and it would be our sincere pleasure and honor to let you know of additional

resources to help you as you embark on this most exciting journey.  Place your complete trust in Christ — 

He will never let you down!





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