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BMI or "Body Mass Index" is considered by many health care professionals to be a relatively accurate indicator of one's ideal weight range.  Although it does not take into account such factors as an individual's frame size, fitness level and muscle mass, it is more accurate and reliable than the insurance company weight tables and can help determine whether one is overweight, and if so, to what extent.   Please feel free to use the online calculator below to find your BMI.




BMI of 25 or less:  Normal, healthy range

BMI of 26:   Overweight; borderline danger

BMI of 27 to 29:  Dangerously overweight

BMI of 30+ :   Obese

In addition to the online calculator above, BMI may also be determined as a plot on a body mass index chart, below.   Metric coordinates are on the left-side and bottom of the chart, and U.S. measurements are on the top and right-side.   

To use the chart to find your BMI, simply find where your weight and height intersect.   If these intersect in the "yellow" zone, your BMI is considered within "normal" range.   You can also use the chart to find the ideal weight range for your height.


(Please note that finding your BMI on this page is not a substitute for professional advice from a health care professional.)



Body Mass Index Chart  (to determine your BMI)




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Chart is from Wikipedia online encyclopedia article on the topic of BMI.  Chart has been generously released by the author for use in the public domain.

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