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Healing Resources

We refer to these regularly, and highly commend them to you.  

On this page:  Charles & Frances Hunter,  Betty Tapscott,  T.L. Osborn,  Oral Roberts,  Benny Hinn,  Myles Munroe,  Steve Fry,  Terry MacAlmon, and more!  Websites listed will take you to sites that are separate from   May God bless you as you receive healing through these resources, and discover your God-given destiny — His awesome Plan for your life!  (Jeremiah 29:11-13)  

— The Tada Family

Bible Reading Guide

This is by far the best we've seen and the one we use.  You'll read the Bible not the regular "old" way, but in the sequence in which things actually happened.  Each day, you read a Psalm or Proverb, then a portion of the Gospels to focus on the life of Jesus, and then the Old Testament in the chronology as it happened.

First printed as Victory Bible Reading Plan by Omega Ministries, it is now available through:  

The Spirit Filled Life Bible   New King James Version

If you are looking for a good study Bible, this one is nicely packed with resources.  Footnotes, charts, graphs, historic timelines and various Word Studies from the original Hebrew and Greek make God's Word come alive.  The introduction to each book of the Bible gives information about the background, synopsis, how Christ is revealed in each book, and the work of the Holy Spirit, along with a thematic outline for each book.  An excellent resource to consider.

Available through Christian bookstores or wherever books are sold, or online at:



There Are Two Kinds of.... 

Witnessing Booklet  by Charles and Frances Hunter

The GREATEST miracle of all is.... SALVATION.  There are many ways of winning people to Christ.  But the one we've found by far to be the most effective is the simple yet powerful method explained in in this powerhouse of a booklet, "There Are Two Kinds of".   This way of leading people to Jesus was taught to Frances by an angel of the Lord who told her this is God's end-time message to get the Gospel out before Jesus returns.  As of Oct. 3, 2006, there have been  1,000,222,373 (that's OVER A BILLION) salvations documented by Hunter Ministries, many of whom were reached using the "2 Kinds of" angelic formula!  Charles and Frances testify, "It is so easy to win people to Jesus in this very simple way......  Every church wants revival, and yet if we want revival we have to put our faith into action and go out and do something..... There's nothing that will send your spirit soaring more than to win somebody to Jesus!"  This booklet will show you how.  Order a whole bunch for your church, evangelism team, youth group, Bible study!

The audio tape version of the booklet, entitled, "WHICH ONE ARE YOU?" narrated by Charles and Frances Hunter is also highly recommended.   This teaching is challening people to do more for JESUS than ever before!

Consider ordering BOTH the tape and the booklet for MAXIMUM impact!

How to Heal the Sick

This book has been translated into so many languages, that over 85% of the world can read it in their native language!  The back of the book reads, "Through their study of the Word of God and their experience of ministering healing to multiplied thousands, the Hunters have learned many different ways that the sick can be healed, and in this book, they are sharing with the world what they learned, so that you can heal the sick, too!  God told them to take the mystery out of the supernatural, and let others become common, ordinary, everyday miracle workers, too!  When they originally taught this at the City of Light School of Ministry, the results were dramatic!  People were healed as they listened, and as video and cassette tapes [of this teaching] began to go around the world, the same thing happened!  People have started applying these simple Biblical principles and have discovered that God's Word works!"  The supernatural CAN be taught, and that fact is proven in this outstanding teaching.  If you want to do the things Jesus said ALL Christians would do, you owe it to yourself to learn what this teaching has to offer.

There are many ways of healing the sick in the name of Jesus.  The Biblical ways taught by the Hunters have been proven incredibly effective yet simple, so they can be easily practiced by any believer.

A companion video, "HOW TO HEAL THE SICK POWER PACK", is a 7-hour condensed version of the 15-hour video teaching based on the book, with powerful testimonies, demonstrations of healings and anointed illustrations of God's power through the Holy Spirit.  Mark 16:18 declares believers "will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."   This book and video will show you how!

Handbook for Healing

This indispensible reference guide is truly a "must" when ministering healing in various situations.  It features a handy alphabetical listing of diseases and the most effective ways of ministering healing in Jesus' name in each case.  This is the companion book to "How to Heal the Sick."  The revised edition for "Handbook for Healing" has four new chapters on new ways to heal the sick.  This book reveals many of the innovative ways God showed the Hunters how to minister healing.  When the Hunters learn something new in medical science, they apply God's healing principles to these medical innovations, and see phenomenal results.  God can use YOU to bring His healing to family, friends and literally everyone with whom you come in contact.  This book will show you how!

How to Receive and Maintain a Healing

From the Forward:  "One of the most unique, answerable and yet unaswerable questions in the healing ministry is, 'Why do some people get healed and others do not?'  And then to further complicate things, 'Why is it that some people who get completely healed lose their healing?'............God's plan is that we live a long, healthy life, so we need to  know how to tap into that source of life and healing which will enable us not only to receive what God has for us, but which will enable us to MAINTAIN it!"   

Knowing how to KEEP your healing is just as important as knowing how to get it!  This book will show you how, as well as explore the recorded miracles of Jesus and the faith-building, valuable lessons we can learn from these miracles.  This book is a "must" in any healing library.

(Note from Tadas:  In one of our "Healing and Health, God's Way" class sessions, a student gave a testimony of how she shared this book with a friend, and the Lord used it mightily for healing in her friend's life as she read the book!  Praise the Lord!)

The Supernatural Spine

The Hunters have observed from experience in the healing ministry that the more you know about the spine, the more effective you will be in healing the sick.  This book is written by Dr. Roy Le Roy and his wife, Norma Jean, who traveled to nearly all of the Hunter's "healing explosions".  This informative book gives astounding insights into the complexity of the spine and how its condition affects literally every area of your health.   It also gives excellent instruction in ministring healing in Jesus' name to various back problems, the glandular system and many other areas affected by your spine.  Your spine is truly a miraculous creation of God, and it is supernatural in that it takes the daily rigors of life without breaking.  This book also shows valuable, low-impact exercises you can do to take super-good care of your supernatural spine!

Healing Through Humor

The Hunter's "Healing through Humor" is a collection of 178 pages of good clean jokes, funny anecdotes and witty "mind bogglers", with a forward by Dr. Francisco Contreras, director of the Oasis of Hope cancer treatment center in Tijuana, Mexico.  He writes, "One bout of anger will diminish the efficiency of your immune system for six hours, but one good laugh will increase the efficiency of your immune system for twenty-four hours."  He adds, "There are so many objective clinical trials that support the healing power of humor that it surprises me that few doctors take advantage of this 'medication.'"   Proverbs 17:22 declares, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."  See the TEACHING page of this site for excerpts from this book.

Inner Healing Through Healing of Memories

This book on Inner Healing by Betty Tapscott is highly recommended by the Hunters.  It is an outstanding primer on the Biblical road to inner healing, including reclaiming our inheritance in Christ, and the healing of memories in the name of Jesus.   Everyone needs innner healing; psychologists estimate we spend fifty percent of our mental and emotional energy repressing painful memories.  Many, many people have found this book to be very helpful in their healing.  Author Betty Tapscott is an international speaker and writer, and has been in full-time ministry in inner healing for over 30 years.  She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and a past regional officer of Association of Christian Therapists.  BONUS — An Inner Healing Prayer excerpt from this book is featured on this website: CLICK HERE!

Ministering Inner Healing Biblically

This book contains many valuable insights and guidelines author Betty Tapscott shares from her many years of Biblically-based Christian counseling experience.   Charles and Frances Hunter write in the forward, "This book is double purposed because it teaches you how to minister inner healing and how to be healed yourself."  

Dick Mills, international prophetic minister and author, says:

"I'm impressed with Betty Tapscott's book for the following five reasons:

1.) It's practical..... This edition deals with real-life situations. 

2.) It's Biblical.  She avoids New Age teachings, metaphysical approaches and holistic psychological logic.  The BIBLE is her book. She lives in it and it lives in her.

3.) Her book is readable.  I was delighted at the format and how easy it was to read.

4.) Her book is quotable.  I'm using illustrations from her book.  Her background gives validity to her illustrations.

5.) This book is durable.  It's going to be around for a long, long time."

It is highly recommended to read this book in conjunction with "Inner Healing through Healing of Memories" described above.


Additional Recommended Resources

Healing the Sick

This living classic by healing evangelist T.L. Osborn features over 55 chapters on divine healing.  Biblically based, topics include:  "Healing for All", "Reasons for Faith", "Why More Do Not Get Healed", "Asking the Father in Jesus' Name", "Special Miracles by Faith", "The Prayer of Faith", "The Importance of Your Words", "The Authority of God's Word", "The Language of Faith", "The Power of God's Word" and many more.   The chapter entitled "Prayer for Healing" has been reprinted on this website with special permission from the publisher, Harrison House.  Featured inside the book are photos of miracle services where scores of people have been healed in the name of Jesus.   Over 1 million copies of this book are in print.   To order your copy, please visit Harrison House Publishers at:

Let This Mind Be In You:  Thinking The Thoughts of Jesus

The key to a truly exciting, fulfilling life is to have the mind of Christ.  Philippians 2:5 gives us this powerful exhortation: "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."

In this book by Frances Hunter, the question is answered:  "What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?"  This challenges us to "think about what you're thinking about".  

The back cover of the book reads, "Within the pages of this book, Frances Hunter brings us a wonderful revelation of the transforming power that is ours as we learn to think the thoughts of Jesus.  As we share in His thoughts, we become energized and empowered in every area of our lives, and our desires become His desires.  But the choice to change is yours.  Satisfy the deep yearning within for more.  Just say 'YES' to Jesus and experience the daily power and blessings of having the mind of Christ." 

Please contact Hunter Ministries to order this important book: 

By Phone:  (281) 358-7575      Or online at:

If You Need Healing, Do These Things 

Originally published in 1947 shorty after Oral Roberts began his healing ministry, this is one of the most beloved of the 120 books Oral Roberts has authored, and is one of the very first books he wrote.  As a young man dying with tuberculosis, who experienced the healing power of God for himself, this book speaks to all people who are sick or hurting in some area of life.  His son, Richard Roberts, writes in the introduction to this newly released edition, "If You Need Healing, Do These Things was written out of my dad's personal experience many years ago of coming to know that God wants to heal us and make us whole.  All of us face sickness and 'dis-ease' in some area of our lives — whether spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, in our family, or in any other way.  Through this book, I believe you can learn to receive the miracles of wholeness that God has for you and those you love."

This book may be ordered online from the "Abundant Life Bookstore" at the Oral Roberts Ministries website,

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

The uplifting story of Ben Carson, M.D., takes the reader on the unforgettable journey of an inner-city youth who trusted God and rose above his circumstances to become a world-renown neurosurgeon.  Raised in inner-city Detroit by a mother with a third grade education, Ben lacked motivation, had terrible grades and in a fit of rage, almost stabbed his best friend to death.  But his mother, Sonya Carson would not give up on her son and instilled in him a firm belief that he could make a positive difference with his life, even though circumstances said otherwise.   A sincere trust in God, a belief that God created him for a special purpose in life, and undying perseverance combined to form a powerful catalyst which brought him from failing grades to the top of his class.... then on to a Yale scholarship..... University of Michigan medical school..... and at age 33, the directorship of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Today, Dr. Ben Carson holds twenty honorary doctorates and has been a much sought-after motivational speaker and role model to thousands of youth.  His account is one of inner healing, where the power and love of God dramatically transformed a life of low-self esteem and deep-seated anger, to one of grace, inner peace and success in fulfilling his God-given destiny.

The review on states, "Gifted Hands is the riveting story of one man’s secret for success, tested against daunting odds and driven by an incredible mindset that dares to take risks.  This inspiring autobiography takes you into the operating room to witness surgeries that made headlines around the world — and into the private mind of a compassionate, God-fearing physician who lives to help others. Through it all shines a humility, quick wit, and down-to-earth style that make this book one you won’t easily forget."  

Although it is currently out of print, the book is available for purchase online through  or

Myles Munroe on Leadership: 

Inspirational Insights for the Frontline Leader

Dr. Myles Munroe is an international motivational speaker, author, lecturer, government consultant, advisor, and businessman.  He is the founder and president of Bahamas Faith Ministries International based in Nassau, Bahamas.  Dr. Munroe holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education, Fine Arts and Theology from Oral Roberts University; a Master of Arts degree in Administration from the University of Tulsa; and an honorary Doctorate degree from Oral Roberts University.  His book, "Myles Munroe on Leadership" features inspiring, life-impacting quotations.  Although the physical dimensions of this book are small, the inspirational truths contained therein are immense and powerfully anointed.  Highly recommended.  This and other books on leadership by Dr. Munroe are available through Pneuma Life Publishing, P.O. Box 885, Lanham, MD 20703, telephone (301) 218-8928,  website:

Welcome, Holy Spirit

Benny Hinn's book, Good Morning, Holy Spirit introduced the person and work of the precious Holy Spirit to millions of Christians.  In the companion book, Welcome, Holy Spirit, Hinn reveals the transforming power of the Holy Spirit from personal experience, and shares how people can experience this tremendous power, love and grace.   Rev. Benny Hinn invites us to "surrender to the wind.  Like a free-spirited glider, allow the Holy Spirit to be the wind beneath your wings."  An excerpt from the book reads, "As we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit, He will pour His presence out upon our thirsty souls like torrential rains upon the parched earth.  His presence will become so real and so tangible.   Broken lives are healed because of this presence and lives are changed forever.  Here's one of the most powerful lessons I've learned about the work of the Holy Spirit:  He manifests His presence and power to those who yearn for His touch upon their lives.  Spiritual thirst draws His anointing like a siphon draws fluid from a full container to an empty one."

This book may be ordered through your local Christian bookstore, or online through Thomas Nelson publishers at:

Time Changer  (Movie Video)

Synopsis:  The year is 1890 and Bible Professor Russell Carlisle has written a new manuscript.  His book is about to receive an unanimous endorsement from the board members at Grace Bible Seminary until his colleague, Dr. Norris Anderson, has a "difficulty with something" which  Carlisle has written that could greatly affect future generations.  Using a secret time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle over 100 years into the future, offering him a glimpse of where his beliefs will lead.   

Note from the Tada family:  This is absolutely one of the best films we have ever seen, and we give it the highest recommendation.  Time Changer has fabulous entertainment value, and at the same time it powerfully shares the Gospel with clarity and without compromise.  The film casts D. David Morin and Gavin MacLeod in the lead roles, with supporting roles by Hal Linden, Jennifer O'Neill, Richard Riehle and Paul Rodriguez.  Superb acting, great special effects and a compelling storyline make this movie a "must see", life-changing experience.  

Originally released in theatres nationwide in 2002, this movie is available for purchase on DVD or VHS for home use.  The movie may also be rented for showing to church groups.  To see the trailer, log onto     

The movie may be ordered through

The Spirit-Filled Believer's Daily Devotional: 

365 Powerful Devotionals to Strengthen Your Faith Daily

Written by Dick Mills, author, teacher and evangelist, this inspirational devotional will take you through a full year of Bible study complete with explorations of Greek and Hebrew word meanings.  

Jack Hayford, Senior Pastor of The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, Calif., writes, "The essence of Bible study, and, thereby, spiritual growth, is to grasp and receive the spirit of the word.  Every study resource that assists the penetration of the spirit behind the words which comprise the Holy Scriptures is worthy of commendation and use.  And on the grounds of study alone, I heartily encourage your pursuit of searching God's Word — the Bible — aided by this product of the scholarship of Dick Mills.  For my part, Dick Mills' character, ministry in the Word of God and prophetic gift continue to define the ministry of a prophet to the Body of Christ.  His Scripturally centered style and his submissiveness of spirit are the fountainhead of the authority with which he ministers."

This outstanding devotional is available for purchase online at

Michael Reagan: Twice Adopted

Michael Reagan's life is much more than just an interesting story.  It is a testimony of how Christ allowed him to find healing from many of the issues that confront our culture today, such as sexual abuse, divorce, loneliness, the feeling of rejection, a belief that God does not care about us, and other issues.  Michael Reagan's first adoption gave him an identity, but his true identity was discovered in his second adoption as a child of God.  In this book, Mike Reagan shows how others can meet a God who loves them, and who wants to embrace them and bring them healing, salvation, and meaning to life.  — From the publisher's synopsis

On his televised program, Benny Hinn invited Michael Reagan to share his dynamic testimony of the healing love of God.  Rev. Hinn highly recommends this book, which contains a forward by Dr. Jack Hayford.  

The book is published by Broadman & Holman (B&H Publishing Group), and is available through

Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit

With keen insight, John Paul Jackson peers through the enemy's smoke screen and exposes one of the most deceptive snares used to destroy the Church.  Biblically anchored, this important book is seasoned with years of personal observation, divine revelation, and thoughtful reflection.  Formerly titled The Veiled Ploy, this book has been recommended by Benny Hinn.  Lou Engle wrote the Forward to the book.

Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit may be ordered through Streams Ministries International at

The Jezebel Spirit

From the Discernment Series by Francis Frangipane: Unmasking the Enemies of the Church

This booklet by renown Christian author Francis Frangipane features the following online description:  "The Jezebel Spirit often comes against church leaders and prophetic ministries.  Its intimidating power is a form of witchcraft.  It also manifests as immorality, rebellion and control.  Learn how to discern and fight this spirit."  This booklet is recomended by Benny Hinn.

Available from Arrow Publications at:


Anointed Music for an Atmosphere of Healing.....

Psalm 22:3 declares that God inhabits [is enthroned] in the praises of His people.  Ministering unto our precious Lord through anointed praise and worship music can bring in the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit and His healing anointing, whether it is at home, church, in the car or at a healing school class setting.  There are many anointed worship CDs that have been a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ.  Below are some resources which are highly recommended: 

   The following are available through Steven Fry Ministries,

We Are Called: An Experience in Worship

This highly acclaimed worship musical features performances by Steve Fry, Steve Green, and John Michael Talbot, and includes classics such as "Oh the Glory of Your Presence," "Oh, I Want To Know You More," and "Abba Father." A timeless and treasured recording that ministers to all who experience it.   Featured on this CD:  Unto the Lord Be Glory;  Praise Ye The Lord;  We Are Called;  We Clap Our Hands;  Oh I Want To Know You More;  Abba Father;  He Dances O’er Us;  Praise Him In The Sanctuary;  Be Still and Know;  Oh The Glory Of His Presence;  Arise and Shine;  Vision;  Finale: Let Me See Thy Beauty;  Holy, Holy;  Lift Up Your Heads.

We Are Called "Praise Collection"

This is a compilation of "the best" of the "We Are Called" musical and other songs by Steven Fry.  Featured on this CD:  We Can Change The World;  We Lift up a Shout;  To Live is Christ;  I'm Abandoned;  Know the Kingdom;  Breathe On Us Again;  We Are Called;  Oh, I Want To Know You More;  Abba Father;  Praise Him in the Sanctuary (includes Oh The Glory of Your Presence);  We Are Called - Vision/Finale;  Let Thy Kingdom Come.

Steven Fry writes, "Most of these songs were written in my years as a youth pastor.  From my earliest days of ministry, I possessed a passion to worship the Lord.  These songs reflect that passion, and each has its own story:  "Oh, I Want to Know You More", written during a season in which I felt utterly abandoned;  "We Lift Up a Shout", the theme for the many city-wide outreaches we led throughout America;  "Abba, Father", penned in the seclusion of our church prayer room at midnight;  "I'm Abandoned", an anthem that captured the sense of destiny for my generation;  "Know the Kingdom", a rousing summons to understand that we are to model Kingdom life here and now before a watching world.

"These songs are the overflow of my encounter with God.  Many of them were collected in the Dove-nominated musical, "We Are Called" — one of the best-selling worship musicals of all time — which became a new milestone in the praise and worship movement that has swept the nation over the last thirty years.  As I revisted these songs in this compilation, my own soul has been rekindled with a yearning to know and worship Jesus.  I trust that you, too, will rediscover the highest aim to which the human heart can aspire:  Intimacy with God!"

Thy Kingdom Come

Written and performed by Steven Fry, along with the 62-piece London Symphony Orchestra, Thy Kingdom Come shares a vital message that calls the church to revival.  Billy Ray Hearn, founder of Sparrow Records and chairman of EMI Christian Music Group, once said that Thy Kingdom Come was one of the ten most important recordings he had ever done.  Thy Kingdom Come is not just another inspirational work — it is a musical guide for prayer, a declaration of what it will take to see His Kingdom come "on earth as it is in heaven."  

Featured on this CD:  The Kingdoms Of This World;  I Will Call On The Lord;  How Long, Lord;  Yahweh;  There’s A Dream Inside Of Me;  As In Heaven, So On Earth;  Doing Father’s Work His Way;  Know The Kingdom;  How Long, Lord (Reprise);  Oh, Rend The Skies;  War In The Heavenlies;  Let Thy Kingdom Come.

   The following are available through Terry MacAlmon Ministries, 

The Glory of His Presence

The Glory of His Presence is a collection of favorite moments taken from Terry MacAlmon’s live worship series.  Each song carries the anointing that has led thousands of worshipers into an intimate worship experience with the Lord.  Featured on this CD are:  You Deserve the Glory (from Live Worship);  I Came to Worship You (from I Came to Worship You);  Captivate My Heart (from Visit Us);  Holy Are You Lord (from Live Worship);  We Glorify the Lamb (from I Came to Worship You);  You're My Glory (from You're My Glory);  How Long (from Visit Us);  I Surrender All Lord (from You're My Glory);  How We Need The River (from The Sound of Heaven);  and O The Glory (from The Sound of Heaven).

I Came to Worship You

This CD is the second release of live noontime worship from the World Prayer Center in Colorado.  Included are many new original songs from Terry MacAlmon, along with powerful declarations of "The Lord's Prayer" and "Let Your Glory Fall".

Terry writes, "We've come to worship Him.  What a joy to gather as the corporate Bride of Christ and lift our voices to glorify our Saviour.  When we truly worship Him, He releases His presence, His power, and His provision.  I'm so grateful for the healing and restoration that continually marks our Wednesday noon gatherings.  As you listen to this second live recording, I pray you will find yourself standing among the hundreds of multi-denominational worshippers and experience with them the life-changing touch of God's presence.  Nothing else compares to a taste of His glory."

Featured on this CD are:  The Song of The Lord;  I Came to Worship You;  The Lord's Prayer;  I Love You;  Precious Lamb of God;  We Worship Only You;  Heal Me;  Worship Interlude;  We Glorify The Lamb;  Let Your Glory Fall;  I Came to Worship You (reprise).

The Sound of Heaven

Featured on the CD booklet are these words from Terry MacAlmon:  "The Sound of Heaven... what an amazing and beautiful sound that cannot be counterfeited by the enemy.  It's the sound like that of many rushing waters and peals of thunder.  It's the sound of the redeemed giving worship back to their Savior.  It's a sound like none other...anywhere.  As you listen to this recording, I invite you to become part of that sound.  Join your voice with ours as we release the sound of Heaven over the earth.  Let the Spirit of God sweep you off your spiritual feet and escort you into the courts of the Lord.  As you are worshiping with us, just imagine the days ahead when 'all the earth shall worship Him' — when His kingdom DOES come and His will IS done — when the sound of Heaven truly becomes the sound of the earth.  Glory to God!"

This CD features the following songs:  For the Lord is Good;  Here I Am to Worship;  I Stand in Awe;  The Sound of Heaven (a spiritual song);  Dwelling Places;  So Beautiful;  The Lamb Is Worthy;  O the Glory;  My God and King, with Bonus Track:  How We Need the River.


This Is the Lord's Doing:  

Terry's Testimony

Hear Terry MacAlmon tell his inspiring testimony of God's goodness!  If you haven't heard this moving story, you need to order this CD.  It features over 30 minutes of Terry sharing how his God-given international ministry was birthed from an eight-year wilderness experience during which the Lord proved His faithfulness to fulfill His promises.  Terry's story of the Holy Spirit's work of purifying and preparation during that extended time of waiting is a powerful testimony to Psalm 118:23, "This is the Lord's doing, and it's marvelous in our eyes."


More Healing Resources:

Please check back periodically 

as we will feature additional resources, 

as the Lord leads.  

God bless you!



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