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Brown Rice Cooking Tips 


Brown rice has a pleasant, slightly sweet, nutty taste.  Because it does not have the nutritious bran removed, brown rice has higher amounts of 12 essential nutrients (including 300% more fiber) than white rice.   The bran layer left intact on brown rice means it will take more time than white ice to cook; however, the extra nutritional and health benefits, and more substantive taste of brown rice make it well worth the extra effort in preparation. 

The following cooking tips are provided by Esao Tada:  




Measure out uncooked rice (see ratio below*) in a cooking pot.   Wash and rinse until water becomes clear. (Consider using a mesh strainer to catch loose grains as you pour out the water with each rinsing.) 

After the final rinsing, pour out all rinse water and use the following ratio for cooking: 


*RATIO (rice to water): 

1  cup uncooked brown rice (serves approx. 2-3 people) 

2  cups purified water 



Bring rice and water to a gentle boil, keeping lid on pot at all times to maintain steam heat and moisture for proper cooking of the brown rice grains.  As soon as the rice begins to boil, lower heat and simmer for approx. one hour with lid on.  Then take rice off stovetop burner, and allow to simmer in its own heat for about 30 additional minutes. 


Important tip for better cooking results: 

Do NOT remove lid at any time while the brown rice is cooking.  


Your cooked rice should have a slightly firm, yet pliable texture.  

For automatic rice cookers, please refer to the instructions which came with your cooker for the brown rice cooking procedure. 


Yield:  One cup of uncooked brown rice, after cooking, will serve approx. 2-3 people. 



Another way to eat brown rice is to make it into a DELICIOUS hot cereal!  Simply cook brown rice as above for a meal.  If you have some left over, refrigerate overnight.  The next morning, place the cooked brown rice in a small pot and add purified water to make into a very soft consistency.  Cook on low heat for several minutes.  If desired, stir in organic raisins or chopped organic dates and a bit of organic apple sauce for a special treat.  Enjoy while still warm, and serve with your favorite fruit.   If additional sweetness is preferred, consider adding some organic brown rice syrup, which is gentle on the blood sugar.

Bon appetit!





* Taste:  Brown rice has a slightly nutty, delicious flavor.  It can be eaten plain as a side dish, or made as part of an entree. 

* Nutrition:  Unlike white rice, brown rice has its bran layer intact, which gives it superior nutrition and fiber for health.  Compared to enriched white rice, ounce for ounce, BROWN RICE on average has: 

+ 13% more protein 

+ 300% more fiber 

+ 233% more vitamin B-6 

+ 207% more of the B-vitamin, biotin (an expensive nutrient essential for converting food into energy) 

+ 35% more niacin 

+ 67% more pantothenic acid 

+ 60% more folic acid (an essential B-vitamin for overall health and for prevention of birth defects) 

+ 329% more vitamin E 

+ 36% more calcium 

+ 1223% more magnesium 

+ 135% more potassium 

+ 44% more zinc 

.....than enriched white rice!  Indeed, brown rice has excellent nutritional value for your precious health! (1) 


* Benefits:  Research indicates whole grains, such as brown rice, may help lessen the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer, as well as help maintain healthy weight. (2) 

* Storage:  Brown rice may be stored in a cool, dark, dry place for up to three to six months.  Storage time may be prolonged somewhat if brown rice is stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container. 

* Hint:  For more nutritional value and to reduce the likelihood of pesticides and chemical fertilizer residues, consider purchasing organic brown rice for yourself and your family. 



If you are switching from white rice to brown rice, one “transitioning tip” is to mix and cook half white rice and half brown rice; after a short period of time, transition to all brown rice.  Enjoy! 



(1)  Nutrition percentages derived from calculations of raw data from a food nutrition table featured in "Nutrition Almanac", edited by Lavon J. Dunne, third edition, Nutrition Search, Inc., McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. 

(2)  University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.






Organic Multi-Grain Cereal 


Organic, whole grain cereals can be purchased pre-mixed as 6-, 8- or 12-grain cereals (available pre-packaged, or in the bulk foods sections of stores).  Or, mix your own multi-grain cereal with ingredients you can buy separately, to save money and to determine the kind of grains you would like to include. 


The following hot cereal recipe uses six popular, wholesome grains. 



(described on the Shopping List page) 


Organic Rolled Oats 

Organic Millet 

Organic Quinoa 

Organic Amaranth 

Organic Flaxseed 

Organic Cornmeal 




Pour equal amounts of each grain until a one-cup measurer is full, then pour into a medium-sized pan. 

Wash grains in the pan using a screen strainer to catch loose grains when pouring out rinse water; repeat 2-3 times. 

After the final rinse, add 2 cups purified water to the 1 cup of washed, mixed grains, cover pan and place on medium-low heat. 

Cook until soft, approximately 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Optional:  Just before serving, mix in some chopped dates and a bit of organic brown rice syrup to taste as a natural, low-glycemic sweetener.

The above recipe makes enough for about 3 people.  Enjoy!








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