Healing Testimonies


Hebrews 13:8 declares, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

Jesus is healing people TODAY in the 21st century just as He did when He walked this earth 2,000 years ago! 

One of the greatest ways to keep your healing is to share your testimony of the miracle(s) God has done for you. 

We give God ALL the praise and ALL the glory for the many miracles that took place both inside and outside the classroom as students practiced ministering during the various “Healing and Health God’s Way” class sessions and seminars.  

Did you know that up to 90% of people in the world have a back problem of some sort?  Ministering healing for the back in the name of Jesus is one of the easiest and greatest ways to see the power of God at work.


The following is a report of some of the many testimonies of healing.  


As you read these, believe in your heart and proclaim, "This is MY DAY for a miracle, in Jesus' name!"  Hallelujah! 







Vocal Cords Healed


“During your class one day, I prayed over a tear in my vocal cords.  I spoke the name of Jesus and asked for a healing of my cords, and then I stepped forward in faith and tested my healing.  I was able to sing throughout my entire range without the usual break that occurred at the tear!  Since that time, whenever I sing for the Lord — whether it is ministering at a local dining hall, or leading worship at church, or singing at special events — the break in my vocal cords disappears and God uses my voice in ways that are beyond comprehension, for which I give Him all the glory and praise.” 


— Michelle S.








Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Healed


"In my teens, I was diagnosed with sciatica.  My lowest lombar vertebra (L5), being slightly out of line, began to cause increasing pain in my 20's, especially with all the sports I played and physical jobs I held.  At 24, I had to go to a chiropractor to address the problem because at times the pain would shoot down to my left heel. 

     After receiving consistent care, my back was much more flexible and my problems were manageable, although ever-present.  By the time I reached my 30s, sports and physical labor jobs had to be a thing of my past.  Moreover, if I sat too long my back would become so stiff that I would have to walk hunched over for many steps before straightening, and my right leg would occasionally become numb. 

     This fall (2006), I took a class called "Healing and Health, God's Way".  At the end of the September 5th class, I was prayed over in a Biblical manner prescribed by the Hunters in which my sacrum (the base of the back) and my spinal column were commanded to straighten and be aligned in the name of Jesus. 

     I was encouraged to move about to verify the healing, and praise the Lord, I have had virtually no back trouble since.  My stiffness after prolonged sitting lasts a couple seconds at most, I never walk hunched over, and I have had only one incident of minimal numbness in my right leg during the nearly three weeks since I was prayed over. 

     I had never been the benefactor of any level of faith healing before, and had discussed with another of my congregation whether I lacked the faith to receive just a couple weeks before being prayed over, but God does not have such limitations!" 


— Mike K.








Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines and Sciatica Healed


"I have been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands for well over 16 years, and have had surgeries on both of them; the left one in 1990 and the right one in 1992. 

     For quite a long while, I have been going to physical therapy for my hands, as well as wearing hand and wrist splints on both, especially while I slept.  My hands weren't getting any better, and for some time, the doctors at the UCSF Hand Clinic have suggested surgery on my hands again, with my left hand first since it is the worst as I am left-handed. 

     I have kept putting the surgery off, as I didn't believe that it would help me, and the doctors said that they weren't 100% sure that I would be cured of it.  So I just kept on dealing with the pain, tingling and numbness of my hands and wrists.  I also had tendonitis in my left hand. 

     While attending the classes in the course, 'Healing and Health, God’s Way', I was prayed over for my hands, with the class agreeing with me in prayer.  My hands and wrists were no longer hurting me, and I could bend them and do various other things with my hands and fingers that would normally be almost impossible to do without tremendous pain!  And I say 'Thank you Jesus' that I am no longer suffering from the terrible pain and/or numbness from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I am not having to wear my hand/wrist splints daily or at night when I sleep! 

     Another thing I have been plagued with was excruciating migraine headaches.  And once again, while attending the Healing and Health Class, I was prayed over by a student and by the instructors in the class.  After praying and doing various head and neck movements, I was rid of my migraine headaches and I haven't had a migraine headache or any other type of headache since.  And I am very grateful and thankful to God, and I can honestly say that I have been truly healed of both the pain of Carpal Tunnel, and also the migraine headaches. 

     I have avoided having surgeries on my hands, and also I am not taking medicine for migraines nor am I having to go to the hospital to get some type of shot to ease the migraine when my regular medicine wouldn't work. 

     One other quick thing I would like to mention is my sciatica problem which causes lower back pain and pain down my right leg and sometimes numbness.  With the prayers and support of the students and the instructors in the class, the pain has eased up tremendously and I only feel a little ache in my lower back every now and then (I am believing Jesus for the remainder of my healing), and I can now bend more easily and sit still for long periods of time which I had a hard time doing before. 

     So, I thank the ones who have prayed for me from the bottom of my heart, and I thank God for them and their prayers and God’s healing touch and what He has done for me.  

     Again I say, 'Thank you Jesus!!!' "    


— Judith G.







Here are some more exciting testimonies from the "Healing and Health, God's Way" classes:




Pneumonia Healed

A student who was taking our class was having her nails done and prayed for a lady at the salon who had pneumonia.   Immediately after being ministered to in the name of Jesus, the lady said she could breathe freely!  Praise the Lord!



Back Pains Healed

One of the brothers in the Lord who was taking the course prayed for a man who had multiple pains in his back.  After saying "thank you, Jesus!" this individual was healed, and the student who prayed for him was so encouraged, he says he now has more confidence praying for the sick!



Severe Back Pain Healed (Prayer Cloth) 

A student who had severe back pain came to class.    She was given a prayer cloth to place next to her back.  She started feeling heat, which was the healing power of Jesus.  Within a short time, her back pain left and she praised God for her healing!  


Note:  Prayer cloths (handkerchiefs) are Biblical (see Acts 19:11-12) and represent the healing power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.  The prayer cloth used in this testimonial was anointed and prayed over previously by Spirit-filled believers in Jesus.  It needs to be made very clear that it is not the cloth itself that does the healing, rather the power of the precious Holy Spirit which anoints the cloth to facilitate healing.  Even as the Apostle Paul in Bible days used anointed prayer cloths to heal the sick, likewise God is using this as one of the many methods He heals the sick in the 21st century.   Hebrews 13:8 assures us that Jesus is the same today as He was 2,000 years ago, so He continues to be very much in the healing business.  Hallelujah!



Leg Healed — No Surgery Needed!

A student had a curved leg and when she crossed her legs while seated, her knee would lock.  She was scheduled for surgery.  After "The Leg Thing" healing command (which was taught in class) was done, commanding the legs to become straight and the knee to be healed in Jesus' name, the student's legs and knee were healed and she could now cross her legs without the knee locking.   She said she no longer needed surgery!



Soreness Gone

Before she began attending the class, a person had a lot of pain in her back and legs and soreness in her joints; the doctors said the cartilage in her knees was completely gone, so it was like bone rubbing against bone.  She had been prayed for by people before she starting attending the class sessions and she did feel better, but still had lingering soreness.  After being prayed for in class by one of the students, she said the soreness was all gone, in Jesus’ name!



Student Discovers Calling in Ministry

One student mentioned that after taking the class, "Healing and Health, God's Way", she discovered her calling in ministry, for which we give God all the praise and the glory!



Soccer Player's Back Healed

A student prayed for a soccer player whose back was wracked with pain; the pain went away immediately, and he was able to help his friend move, even carrying a heavy sofa up the stairs! 



Scoliosis Pain Healed

Two students with scoliosis back pain were healed in class.  The pain left both students and their backs straightened in Jesus’ name! 



Warts Healed

Genital warts disappear after a student laid hands on herself in the privacy of her home and spoke God’s healing Word.  She testified in class later that week that she was healed! 



Back Pain, Stomach Pain Healed

A student prayed for a lady in jail who had pain from a back injury and a separate pain in her stomach; the pain in both regions left immediately, and the lady is telling everyone what God has done for her! 



Arthritis, Stroke Healed

A person suffering the effects of arthritis and a stroke was able to walk much better after being prayed for in the name of Jesus! 



Back Pain from Ruptured Disc Healed

A student prayed for a lady in church who had lower back pain from a ruptured disc sustained in a car accident several years ago.   The student felt the Holy Spirit directing her to do "The Leg Thing" and "The Arm Thing" from the Hunter's teaching (which is taught in our classes).   After the lady said "Thank you, Jesus", she tested her healing by bending down and sitting.  No more pain!   The student who prayed for her and shared with us this praise report told us, "God really does use ordinary people, and He really answers prayers.  Thank you, Jesus!"



Back Pains, Neck Pains Healed

Pains in a student's neck and back were gone after another student in the class ministered healing, in Jesus' name.  The student who was healed said she immediately felt better! 



More Back and Neck Pains Healed

During a family gathering on Thanksgiving, a student was able to minister healing in Jesus' name to her cousin and his wife, both of whom had back pain and the wife also had neck pain.   The student first made sure both of them had received Jesus as their Savior — which is the most important miracle.  Then she ministered "The Total Thing", as taught by the Hunters.  The pain left both of their backs, and in addition, the wife's neck was healed and she could now move her head to the left with no pain.  Glory to God!



Chiropractor Healed in Class of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; Goes Back Home to Spain to Minister Healing to Patients


A lady who was training to become a chiropractor took our class.  She was suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome which created a particular hardship for her, having to use her hands in her profession.  She previously had surgery on her right wrist, and was about to have surgery on the other wrist.  She was prayed over by one of the class instructors and her left wrist was healed instantaneously in the name of Jesus.  She no longer had to have surgery on that wrist!

During class, she learned the simple yet effective Biblical healing techniques as taught from the Hunter's material.  When she went back to Spain to start her practice, we learned through her friend who also took our class that she would lay hands on her patients and see them healed, in Jesus' name! 



[Editor's note:   When born-again, Spirit-filled chiropractors begin to minister healing in Jesus' name, they find the treatments "hold" better for the patients — and God often blesses their practice with even more patients!] 










A miracle is one way God shows His great love towards you. 







Editor's note:  We give God all the glory and the praise for the wonderful things HE has done through this class!  If you would like more information about "Healing and Health, God's Way", please see the announcement on the NEWS page.







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that whoever believes in Him will not perish, 

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